Tips & Notes

Plan Your Shoot 

Be sure to come to the shoot prepared. We're absolutely willing and able to consult with you either in person or over emails before your appointment to be sure that we get the shot you're looking for. The more details you have about what you want & don't want, the easier it will be for us to get to the same page & create something great. Take your time, look through portfolios, and note what shots, postures or locations that specifically catch your eye. Be sure to be on time - nobody looks good after rushing to make an appointment!

Hair & Makeup
Hairstyle is up to you, but we suggest that you keep it simple and comfortable... the idea is to capture "you", after all!

Makeup should also be simple - we can facilitate having a makeup artist available to you for an addiitonal fee, or you can handle that on your own. Either way, for women, we suggest you have a professional do your makeup.

A signed contract & a $50.00 deposit (cash or money order) is required to secure a photoshoot appointment. Please be prepared to pay the balance of the fee (also cash or money order) when you arrive for your appointment.